New projects for 2021!

We’re happy to present the list of new projects we’ll be working on this year. These projects cover a broad range of issues…from statelessness to sex work from child detention to undocumented migrants…pretty much reflecting the needs we’ve identified in several sectors. Many of these initiatives will commence this year and flow into 2022. They join the projects we started last year, with the entire list giving you an idea of how busy we are but also of the human rights issues Malta still needs to address.

Contrary to what most people think, a long list of projects is not necessarily a good thing. Whilst it does mean that we’re able to address several human rights concerns, it also means that our work runs the risk of being fragmented and boxed within the constraints of specific projects: timelines, ear-marked budgets, constant reporting.

Human rights advocacy, by definition, is very difficult to squeeze into a finite project. Goals are generally long-term, targets not always reached and activities usually involve meeting stakeholders, initiating dialogue and other ‘soft’ elements that are hard to measure, evaluate and report on. Yet of course we count ourselves lucky that we have access to project funds to carry out our work, and thank all funding entities for these opportunities.

With a group of European NGO partners and with the support of the Malta Agency for the Welfare of Asylum-Seekers (AWAS), we will be looking at the use of alternatives to detention for migrant children. The project will advocate for better use of alternatives, keeping in mind the best interests of the child principle and other human rights obligations.

We will produce and deliver a series of training modules to relevant stakeholders.

Visit the project page for more info.

Malta has been discussing sex work for several months with a view to reforming laws and policies. Yet the voices of sex workers are hardly ever heard. This research initiative will talk to sex workers and publish their human stories.

We have just launched the call for applications for the Project Researcher.

We want to move away from politicised and technical discussion on detention and refocus on its human impact. How better to this than to give space to detained migrants to recount their harrowing experiences?

We will produce a series of short video clips for public sharing and advocacy.

Visit the project page for more info.

All EU Member States host thousands of migrants who have no legal status and no documents. Due to the lack of documents they are invisible and unable to access basic rights, living in undignified conditions and in a state of perpetual instability and insecurity.

This project will look at these situations and see how NGOs may advocate more effectively for humane regularisation procedures.

Visit the project page for more info.

How do you go about identifying a stateless person? How do you make sure they are enjoying the rights they are entitled to? In Malta, where are stateless persons? Is it possible that within refugee communities there are groups of unidentified stateless persons?

We will try to design an identification tool that will allow us and our partners to start the process of identifying stateless persons from within Malta’s refugee communities.

Visit the project page for more info.

Malta will soon adopt two important laws on equality and non-discrimination. It is crucial that minority groups understand the new laws and are equipped to deal with their news procedures and entities.

Together with partners at ENAR and ENORB, and with the Integration Unit, we will design and implement training modules on the laws, their underlying values and how best to use them.

If you’d like more information on any of these projects, go ahead and reach out to us.