Migrants living in stables: our reaction

We are not surprised to read the news that yet another group of migrants were found living in squalor. On the one hand, it is terribly upsetting that more and more people have recognised an economic opportunity in this inhuman business. They are profiting by racist exploitation that ‘houses’ people in structures designed and intended for animals. Essentially, they reflect what we’ve been saying for far too long: Malta’s economic boom lives off the exploitation of migrants and returns close to nothing to its slave labourers.

Photo: Ivan Martin, Times of Malta

The raids that took place this morning do absolutely nothing to address the serious obstacles that some migrants face on a daily basis – it is crystal clear that alternative solutions must be provided in order to ensure that nobody is forced to live in such inhumane conditions.

We’re extremely worried at the fate of the persons evicted this morning? Where will they sleep tonight? Do the authorities even care?

We urge Government to live up to its commitment to combat racism in all its forms, including by issuing strong statements of condemnation for such practices.