Looking at a Human Rights Internship!


Matthew’s human rights internship has come to an end, after 12 months of an intense learning process! For his final contribution, here’s a video looking at the internship.

Our project engaged two human rights interns – Matthew and Rimaz – coming from minority groups with two main aims:

  1. provide the opportunity to young activists to engage in the work of a human rights NGO;
  2. inform our own work through real discussions with the people affected by our activities.

The internship offered Matthew and Rimaz a small stipend, allowing them to concentrate on their activities with us. Together, we designed a learning programme composed of various courses and educational activities, which we then financed and monitored together with them both.

It’s been a great year, and we’re super happy to have implemented this exciting project. Too often we receive requests for internships from persons who – without any form of financial support – would not be able to carry them out. We are unable to fund inters…we simply do not have access to the funds. Thanks to this project, financed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, we were able to not only offer financial support but also contribute to their overall empowerment and learning.

We’re going to miss Matthew and Rimaz, but we’re extremely honoured to have played a role on their formation as human rights activists!

The video below, Looking at a ‘Human Rights Internship’, was produced by Matthew as his last contribution to the #KeepingUpWithTheInterns blogposts. Click the # to see them all…and of course watch this great video!

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