Just published: Comparative Report on the Status of Refugee-led Community Organisations

We are extremely happy to announce the publication of a report looking at trends in relation to refugee-led community organisations. The report is published within our Erasmus+ project ‘Training Kit for Empowering Refugee-Led Community Organisations’.

The main aim of this Comparative Report on the Status of Refugee-led Community Organisations (RCOs) is to provide a contribution to the project’s formulation of a training kit that supports the establishment and strengthening of such organisations.

Our project was conceived of as a step-by-step approach towards the creation of the training kit, with each step building on the previous ones and paving the way for future project activities. In this sense, the discussions being held by the project partners on the training content and methodology are consistently based on earlier research, findings and conclusions; either our own or contributed by third parties.

Following the publication of five national reports on the theme as well as one report looking at the EU-level context, this report is a synthesis of the main elements emerging from those six reports. It reflects the national and EU realities, as identified and presented by the project partners, extracting and presenting the reports’ key observations.

It is our intention for this report to be read in conjunction with the Literature Review, a publication gathering the most significant publications in this area and summarising their most salient points. Whereas the Literature Review provides valuable technical input from the wealth of experiences in this sector, this Comparative Report is entirely based on the realities in the six contexts analysed in the national/EU reports.