Just launched: training kit on empowering refugee-led community organisations!

We are extremely happy to share the result of 2 years’ hard work! On 5 June 2022 we launched a Training Kit designed to support the empowerment of refugee-led groups. Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, the Training Kit on Empowering Refugee-Led Community Organisations wants to strengthen refugee protection by elevating refugee-led groups from ‘beneficiaries’ to active and equal advocacy partners.

We designed a training package that is user-friendly, adaptable to different national contexts and targeting both information and skills needs. 

The Training Kit is actually two products. One intended for refugees wishing to be national advocates and the other for those organisations targeting EU-level advocacy.

You can freely download the Training Kit from our site. The download .zip contains a Trainers Handbook that tells you clearly what to do and how to do it. It also contains the Training Content. This is essentially a series of .ppt presentations. You will also find a template for an Evaluation Form and for a Certificate of Participation.

Please go ahead and share with your partners and networks! 

It is time that we all evaluate how we engage with refugee-led groups, and move towards co-creating spaces where they may regain control over their lives through active advocacy. We hope the Training Kit is a small step in this direction!

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for further info or training activities.

Download the Training Kit here.

If Europe is to move towards more inclusive, rights-respecting and dignified laws and policies, both internally and externally, refugees must be elevated to the status of equal advocating partners through organised (formal or informal) community organisations and the role of RCOs must be identified as one of the key interlocutors between refugees and host communities.

Training Kit for the Empowerment of Refugee-Led Community Organisations

The Training Kit on Empowering of Refugee-Led Community Organisations is proudly produced by aditus foundationCyprus Refugee CouncilDutch Refugee CouncilEuropean Council on Refugees and ExilesGreek Forum of RefugeesJesuit Refugee Service (Malta)Mosaico – Azioni per i rifugiati. With Syrian Volunteers Netherlands as Associated Partners.