Joint submission to the European Commission’s public consultation on the EU rule of law annual report

aditus foundation and The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation have filed a joint submission as part of the European Commission’s public consultation for its 2023 annual report on the rule of law in the European Union.

The joint submission covers the status of and developments in the justice system, the anti-corruption framework, media pluralism, and other institutional issues related to checks and balances in Malta over the past year. Submissions may be filed by other organisations and individuals.

The EC annual rule of law report is part of the monitoring process of the rule of law across the European Union. Besides a general EU-wide report, the Commission also publishes 27 country chapters which assess the developments over the year and includes country-specific recommendations in order to assist Member States in their efforts towards reform. The final report will be published by the EC in July 2023.

The 2022 Rule of Law report and country chapters are published by the European Commssion.