Joint statement with MGRM on recently-proposed amendments to the Constitution

The Malta Gay Rights Movement and aditus welcome the proposed amendment to the constitution put forward by the opposition to widen anti-discrimination provision to include the ground of sexual orientation.

The MGRM and aditus further urge parliament to also incorporate constitutional amendments on the grounds of gender identity and expression in order to ensure that the same level of protection is afforded to transgender persons.

This is particularly important since the recent Fundamental Rights Agency LGBT survey clearly demonstrates that transgender persons report higher rates of discrimination in access to healthcare, housing and other services.

Neil Falzon, Director of aditus said: “This amendment, if approved, will have an important legal impact across all present and future legislation in Malta. Furthermore it unequivocally asserts that as a nation Malta fully endorses the principles of non-discrimination and equality, for the promotion of a society where all members are truly equal.”