Biennial Report 2013 – 2014 published


We are happy to publish the report of our activities covering 2013 and 2014, moving away from an annual report format towards a biennial report approach. Why? Our Chairperson explains our motivations in her introduction to the report, below.

Many NGOs struggle to achieve levels of sustainability and continuity that go beyond the confines of a twelve-month programming period. Whilst a project-based approach to NGO work might be suitable for some organisations, in most cases this methodology does not lend itself to long-term planning and structuring, impinging on the way we are able to formulate our objectives and our funding strategies.

In order to ensure the continuity of service-provision, achievement of advocacy goals and financial security required to mobilise resources, we are attempting to survive in an NGO environment that is often limited to project funding generally spanning a 12, 18 or – occasionally – 24 month cycle.

Our advocacy work fits uncomfortably in such timeframes. Although in most cases we enjoy limited flexibility, we are nonetheless currently exploring methodologies of shifting towards systems that reflect our organizational priorities and operational needs.

This document, combining Annual Reports for two years, attempts to highlight our approach by highlighting the multi-annual requirements of our work – and the multi-annual impact it actually has on legislation, policies and practices. We hope that our thematic ‘essays’ help to underline this perspective!”


The Report is also innovative in its writing style. We realised that a straightforward list of activities can be, quite honestly, a boring read. We’re instead presenting a more friendly, personal and narrative account of what we do, what impact we’re having and what human rights challenges we continue to face.

We hope that this style will give you a much better idea of who aditus foundation is and where we are going with our work.

The report is on our Publications page, and can also be downloaded (.zip) by clicking the above pictures. Enjoy reading, and if you have any feedback at all please do get in touch with us!

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