aditus foundation invited to address Sixth Form students

On Friday 4 March 23 students following the International Baccalaureate at St. Edward’s College and 17 Spanish students from Virgen del Remedio (Madrid) met in Valletta to watch a play about the life and death of Martin Luther King. Following the performance all students participated in workshops to discuss various topics such as: persecution of minorities, poverty, migration and climate change and its social impact.

The leaders of each group presented their conclusions to the plenary where our Director, an Old Edwardian, chaired the session’s closure. Neil concluded the experience by explaining the role every citizen can play to protect the human rights of every individual, and focused on the importance of equality and human dignity in relations with society.

This event provided us the opportunity to engage with young leaders and to promote the values we hold so dearly: the universality of all fundamental human rights, and a social responsibility requiring us to be active thinkers and advocates.


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