A new art project that’s larger than life!

‘Larger Than Life!’ celebrates the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by producing and exhibiting innovative, cutting-edge and dramatic human rights posters designed by some Maltese’s leading visual artists.

This is yet another project where we’re engaging with Malta’s artistic community in order to promote our human rights messages. We find this approach to be an enriching, exciting and fun way of reaching out to new audiences and ‘lightening up’ our often tough advocacy work! Past projects where we successfully engaged with the arts include 9 Parts of Desire (theatre, gender), You Are What You Eat (visual arts, migration) and Burning Bikinis (film, gender).

Through its Curatorial Team, which will include local artist and curator Alexandra Pace, the project will commission carefully-selected local artists to design large-scale Malta-relevant human rights posters, which are able to report/mediate fundamental messages as dignity, equality, respect, diversity.

Why ‘Larger Than Life!’? Two main reasons.

Posters have always captured and portrayed worlds and ideas that are beyond the immediate. Throughout their history, posters have been key artistic features of the societies in which they were designed and portrayed, used for the dissemination of various ideas and themes (e.g. Cheret, Toulouse-Loutrec, El Lissitsky, Rodchenko, Klutsis, the Stenberg Brothers, Muller- Brockmann, etc.).

For most of us, posters recall beloved stars, fabulous films, great shows…all portraying worlds populated by characters and creatures far removed from our own. Larger than life.

Also, for us human rights activists, human rights are an ideal we constantly strive towards.

Whether in the personal, social, community, local national or global level, human rights gives us those ideals that we feel are also far removed from our present lives. Ideals and values that we feel are nonetheless within reach… but larger than life itself.

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This project is financed by Arts Council Malta, through the Creative Communities.