“Integration strategies avoid ghettos & social exclusion”

Yesterday aditus Director Dr. Neil Falzon participated in a discussion organised by three University of Malta student organisations.  ‘Mission (Im)possible?  A talk on migrant integration’ brought together aditus, UNHCR Malta and another local NGO SOS Malta to discuss refugee and migrant integration from various angles.

Neil highlighted the need to have in place strong integration policies that respect the fundamental human rights of migrants and refugees whilst also being of benefit to both the migrant and the host communities.  Integration policies should therefore be seen as migration management tools that can discourage illegal employment, encourage and facilitate legal employment and therefore increased fiscal contributions, enrich society, contribute to the reduction of poverty and also enhance the development aid through remittances.

Neil also urged the student organisations not to end the discussion once outside the room, but to become more socially and politically engaged in difficult issues as migration and integration.  The importance of grass-roots initiatives was underlines, as also the active participation of migrants and refugees in discussions and decisions affecting their lives.

During the discussion, excerpts from the documentary ‘Saving Lives’ were shown.