Getting Away With Murder! NGO Statement on the Magistrate’s Court judgement against Sean Anthony Mc Gahren

We, the undersigned non-governmental organisations and individuals, are gravely concerned by the decision of the Magistrate’s Court in the case against Sean Anthony McGahren. We feel it gives a message that aggressors can get away with almost anything when committing an offence of domestic violence. We are also deeply concerned to see that the prosecution decided to remove charges related to the offence following the victim’s wish to withdraw her complaint and that the Court acceded to the request. We … read more

‘An offence to the entire nation’: Our reaction to the use of abusive language in Malta’s House of Representatives

The interaction between two Members of Parliament on Friday 20 November was an offence to the entire nation. It highlighted the almost absolute lack of accountability at the highest levels of Malta’s democratic institutions, and confirmed that Malta is miles away from ensuring a society that is free from harassment and violence against women. We are extremely concerned at the comfort enjoyed by Malta’s Members of Parliament that they are free to adopt a language and tone that would be … read more