We would like to commend the Government of Malta’s stand against the far right group Defend Europe

We would like to commend the Government of Malta’s stand against the far right group Defend Europe in refusing to allow the C-Star to enter Malta. Under the deceptive premise of ‘saving lives’, the mission of the vessel C-Star claims to ‘defend Europe’ by disrupting humanitarian vessels and by returning refugees to the coast of Libya. The scope and actions of Defend Europe must not be underestimated, their political ideology is dangerous and extreme. The stance adopted by the Government … read more

Malta could have done the right thing & shown solidarity

We are appalled at the way Italy and Malta treated the migrants and crew aboard the vessel Golfo Azzurro. Relying on restrictive and questionable interpretations of legal obligations in order to deny disembarkation created an inhumane situation, achieving absolutely nothing but more human suffering and pain. It is unacceptable for States to behave in this manner, toying with the lives and security of people as they attempt to resolve their diplomatic disagreements. Without access to complete information regarding the precise … read more

‘Is 23 April the day Europe decided to abandon people at sea?’: NGO comments on the statement from the European Council Special meeting of 23 April

We are disappointed at the measures proposed in the European Council Special meeting as they indicate an insistence on interpreting the deaths of over 1,000 persons as an illegal migration phenomenon. As long as Member States stick to this approach, migrants and refugees will perish as they knock on Europe’s doors. In the spirit of our earlier statement on the recent tragedies in the Mediterranean, we welcome the Meeting’s clear conclusion that “our immediate priority is to prevent more people … read more

‘If we fail to save lives, all hope will be lost’: NGO Statement

The ‘Ten point action plan on migration’ unveiled on Monday needs to emphasise the urgency of mobilising all the resources necessary to save as many lives as possible. We reiterate our serious concerns that men, women and children have been drowning in the Mediterranean for many years. Notwithstanding, calls for efforts to prevent such tragedies have so far not been received by strong and effective political commitments. Whilst we welcome the migration plan as a possible sign of such commitment, … read more

‘We need to direct our grief at preventing such massive loss of life’

We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of an estimated 400 migrants, and express our condolences to friends and family of the deceased. At the same time, we thank all those persons who, on almost a daily basis, are involved in difficult search and rescue operations as their relentless efforts prevent further loss of lives. It might be easy for Malta to look at the small number of arrivals last year and believe that these tragedies are … read more