Awareness Campus – aditus at a training in Italy

From 3rd to 16th July 2017, Teatro Stabile di Torino and Banca San Paolo with the support of the Regione Piemonte organised the Training Awareness Campus in Moncalieri, Turin, Italy, addressed to actors, cultural mediators, animators, dancers, social workers, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, trainers, gymnasts, singers and students, aimed at the consolidation of a group for conducting theatrical practices for the care of the person and in particular for the migrants. Being also a Drama Trainer and Artistic Project Manager of … read more

YOUTH, NOT STATUS: Erasmus+ project

TO DISCOVER DIFFERENT WAYS OF ACTING AND BEING INVOLVED IN THE PROMOTION OF A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY JULY 2017– MAY 2018   Call for applications Funded by Erasmus +, Youth, Not Status is the new project of aditus foundation. Youth Not Status aims to bring together young Europeans and young refugee/migrants to include them in conversations about human rights. Youth, Not Status is comprised of a series of workshops focusing on the social inclusion of refugee and migrant youth in Malta. … read more

Tools for identifying the needs of refugees survivors of torture

It is generally estimated that between 5 and 35% of asylum seekers are torture survivors. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders can range from 20-40%, while depression rates can vary from 30-70% of refugee population. In our work with refugees we often come across persons who have gone through terrible experiences, either at home or along their escape journey: torture, detention, rape, and other forms of physical or psychological violence. These harrowing experiences exacerbate the pain felt by refugees as they are … read more

Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation in support of our work with refugees & migrants

We’re incredibly happy to announce that Project Integrated will be receiving support from the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, allowing us to extend our activities through till December 2018! This was confirmed on 18 March during a ceremony held at San Anton Palace, where the President of Malta emphasised that this year’s MCCFF aims are to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project, implemented with JRS Malta and Integra Foundation, provides integration support to refugees … read more

An absolute no to exploring legal ways of returning refugees!

The Government of Malta’s call on the European Commission to look into bypassing, waiving or otherwise ignoring the principle of non-refoulement should absolutely not be entertained by the European Union’s executive body. It is this fundamental principle that, for centuries, has protected the lives of millions of refugees. Setting it aside would effectively sign the death sentence for all those people who continue to run away from their homes in search of safety. Enshrined in the 1951 Convention relating to … read more