aditus foundation at PICUM General Assembly 2017 in Brussels

From 12 to 13 May 2017 members of the Platform of International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) met in Brussels for the Annual Assembly:  New Challenges and Opportunities for undocumented Migrants’ Rights. The General Assembly is a crucial event for PICUM members as it is unique opportunity to come together and talk about the situation of undocumented migrants across Europe and to mobilise around main problems. The Assembly is an essential part of PICUM’s calendar as it enables members to … read more

Our work at EU level supported by Government

Today we joined a long list of other NGOs to receive financial support from Minister Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialouge, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties (MSDC), for our work at the EU level. Through the Civil Society Fund the Ministry enables civil society organisations to be active players in our respective sectors, thereby bridging the gap between EU-level policy-making and Maltese grassroots realities. “The objectives of the Civil Society Fund (CSF) are the following: to assist CSOs to keep … read more

Victims’ Rights in Malta: working with PICUM to secure proper transposition

The deadline for the transposition of the EU Victims’ Rights Directive being set to 16 November, the joint meeting of PICUM’s Working Group on Access to Justice for Undocumented Women was a key opportunity for us to discuss mechanisms for effectively monitoring and gathering information on the implementation of the Directive, to consider opportunities for building effective national advocacy coalitions, and to share experiences. Claire (Legal Officer) represented aditus for this meeting, as part of our on-going engagement with PICUM and with … read more

Criminalisation of undocumented migrants, and the Victims of Crime Directive – PICUM

In June Erika, our Human Rights Officer, participated in the workshop ‘Ending the criminalisation of undocumented migrants’ organised by the Platform for International Cooperation of Undocumented Migrants (PICUM), an independent human rights platform dedicated to the advancement of protection of rights of undocumented migrants worldwide. The theme was selected due to the tendency to view undocumented migrants as criminals, as seen in the terms and discourse used and also the 2015 EU proposal of ‘bombing boats’. The workshop included two plenary sessions, during which Erika gave … read more

Our Legal Intern attends PICUM’s Working Group on Migration Policies

On 5th December Claire, one of our Legal Interns, attended the first meeting of  PICUM’s new Working Group on Migration Policies. The meeting was a key opportunity for PICUM members to coordinate and promote actions to support PICUM’s migration policy work and to provide substantial evidence and recommendations to policy makers. Participants PICUM’s staff and representatives of very diverse NGOs from Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK and Malta. Summary 2 topics were discussed: Transpositions and implementation … read more