New national report on asylum in Malta

  aditus foundation and JRS Malta are happy to launch the 2017 AIDA report. The Asylum Information Database (AIDA) is a project of the European Council on Refugees & Exiles (ECRE), producing national reports on the situation of asylum in a number of EU Member States and covering key areas such as asylum procedures, reception conditions and detention.   It aims to provide up-to-date information on asylum practice in 23 European countries, which is accessible to researchers, advocates, legal practitioners and the general public. … read more

New national report on asylum in Malta

Today the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) published the country report covering all aspects of asylum in Malta. Published within the Asylum Information Database project (AIDA), the country report provides valuable information on legal and policy issues, as well as an insight into realities on the ground. AIDA is a database containing information on asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of international protection across 20 countries. As with all country reports, the Malta report is the most … read more

Admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedures

In the implementation of their international obligations, European and EU states have devised sophisticated asylum systems based on complex procedural tools. In some cases, tools are designed and used for the purpose of avoiding responsibility for refugees, because they allow claims to be dismissed as inadmissible before looking at the substance of the claim. The recent EU-Turkey deal and the European Commission’s proposal for harmonised asylum procedures under an Asylum Procedures Regulation, for instance, revolve around concepts such as “safe … read more

NGO press release on the occasion of the ‪Valletta Summit‬

#HumanRightsFirst Time to act Now is the time to act. We, the undersigned NGOs, urge states participating in the Valletta Summit on Migration to act decisively and urgently so that people will no longer die in their desperate search for protection in Europe. Since October 2013, at least 6,892 men, women and children have perished in the Mediterranean attempting to reach Europe. The summit, convened by the European Council in response to the rising numbers of refugees and migrants arriving … read more

aditus at the 1st EU Migration Forum

On 26th and 27th January our Director attended the first EU Migration Forum, jointly organised in Brussels by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). “The Forum gathered inputs from national and international experts and top EU officials, but also testimonials from refugees and rescuers, who shared their real-life experiences and gave a face to migration flows, often wrongly portrayed in the media. Underlining the need for greater protection of asylum seekers and refugees coming to the … read more