Youth, Not Status


July 2017 – May 2018

Project Objectives

The main focus of Youth, Not Status is the social inclusion of refugee and migrant youth. Our idea is to stimulate and facilitate communication between young people of different backgrounds, and to encourage them to engage with decision-makers so as to arrive at practical solutions and ideas to:

  • promote the participation of young people in discussions among themselves and with decision-makers as a tool for prevention against radicalisation, racism and marginalisation;
  • foster integration and social cohesion between young communities;
  • promote intercultural dialogue through empowerment and active involvement with other young people living in Malta;
  • provide human rights information and skills necessary to structure ideas and strategies;
  • support empowerment in political participation and decision making through dialogue with decision and policy makers

The activities will be entirely youth-led and include practical action to engage participants in conversations, space for advice, talks, discussions, presentations, video screenings and  other tools supporting the development of common perspectives for action and sustainable strategies and formulate necessary political demands.

How are we doing this?

We will organise a series of workshops during which the participants will develop a collective plan, with the help of coaches, in order to put into practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills through activities (training, campaigns, evaluations, follow-up, etc).

The program is a unique opportunity to acquire practical tools to help youth in developing common perspectives for sustainable strategies. They will be guided on how to formulate political demands, comment and provide input on how Malta’s youth policy can be used as a tool to promote and encourage integration.

The project will include:

  • a Youth Camp weekend (weekend of 15-17 September 2017);
  • a series of workshops, leading to a policy encounter with the Minister for Education and Employment. Some workshops will be held before the Youth Camp weekend, others will follow.

Throughout the project, we will be focusing on human rights, advocacy skills, intercultural learning and active participation.

If you’re interested and would like more information, you can download the project leaflet, or go directly to the Registration Form.