Migration disputes should not be solved by putting people’s lives at risk

Joint Italian and Maltese NGO Statement on incidents relating to people rescued at sea Whilst we welcome the recent developments in relation to the disembarkation of rescued people on board the Alexander Maersk cargo and the ongoing coordination between the Governments of Italy, Malta, France and Spain, we urge all actors involved to immediately secure the disembarkation of the over 230 rescued people, among which children, unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable individuals, currently aboard the Mission Lifeline rescue ship. Whilst … read more

Put people first – Joint NGO Statement on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2018

On World Refugee Day 2018, in the run-up to the European Council Meeting on June 28, we urge the government to prioritise the protection of people rather than just the protection of Europe’s borders. The events of the past weeks are a stark reminder, if any were needed, that Europe’s borders are still dangerous and inhospitable places for people in need of protection. They highlight the fact that the most vulnerable are often the first casualty in disputes between states … read more

We commend Spain’s intervention, and urge Italy and Malta to avoid similar incidents.

Joint NGO Statement on the Aquarius incident We commend Spain for accepting the disembarkation of the over 600 rescued migrants aboard the MV Aquarius. Without this intervention, the impasse between Italy and Malta over where to disembark the rescued migrants could have easily led to a humanitarian disaster. Spain’s intervention is an act of true solidarity, not only amongst EU Member States but also – and more importantly – with migrants and refugees trying to secure a safer life. The … read more

Replace the IVF Bill legislative process with in-depth, honest and inclusive consultation.

We welcome the recent statement by the Health Minister confirming further consultation on the Embryo Protection (Amendment) Bill. The Bill’s complex themes require in-depth, honest and inclusive consultation to ensure their appropriate exploration and understanding. We also welcome the removal of the existing discriminatory ban on access to medically assisted procreation by same-sex couples. It is also positively noted that the Bill endorses our call for the decriminalisation of egg and sperm donation, as we feel that the present law … read more

V18 Artistic Director must go.

In a society supposedly promoting equality, dignity and respect for fundamental human rights it is unacceptable that women are labelled ‘sorry bitches’. Recent public comments made by V18 Artistic Director Mario Philip Azzopardi fly in the face of Malta’s efforts at improving the way it treats all members of its society, particularly women. Mr. Azzopardi’s disgusting insults might be his chosen method of expressing himself, yet they offend the laws, policies and values that secure the protection of all persons … read more